KindieFest changed my life. I’ve been playing kids’ music on the radio for almost 30 years, and attending KindieFest excited me about the next 30 years of this musical genre that grows better every year. The camaraderie of artists and others, the sharing of information and ideas, and the panels bringing experts and newbies together combine to create an inspiring and valuable experience. It’s more than a networking event. KindieFest is an inspirational weekend dedicated to the artists creating tomorrow’s music today. It’s the showcases that changed my life, though. I returned to WXPN from KindieFest with renewed enthusiasm for my mission to share great music with my family audience. KindieFest is networking heaven for artists, presenters, and people like me who share the music. Attending could change your life.

- Kathy O’Connell, WXPN Kids Corner

Kindiefest is a chance to lift your head up from whatever you’ve been feverishly working on and remember that you’re already a success; you’re already part of something real and whole and good. Also, sometimes, there’s hummus.

- Ashley Albert, The Jimmies

Wading through the sea of bands creating music for all ages audiences can be daunting as a presenter.I’ve come to rely on the quality, content and surprise that KindieFest delivers every year.There is always an artist or two or three that I either immediately book or file away in my “to watch” folder.Thank you for bringing the freshness time and again.

- Monique Martin, City Parks Foundation (NYC), Summer Stage

I sincerely don’t know where we’d be without the connections and knowledge we gained at Kindiefest. We met DJs, publicists, booking agents, concert promoters and music critics, all specializing in children’s music. And, the knowledge and wisdom generously shared by the other artists is invaluable.

- Allen Farmelo – Winter Bear Records, Elska

Kindiefest is one of my favorite events of the year. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues in the field and meet new folks too. The environment couldn’t be any friendlier, and the mix of artists, from seasoned veterans and mid-career performers, to those just starting out is a perfect balance. The weekend always leaves me feeling energized and inspired to continue doing what I do.

- Darren Critz, Director of Performing Arts Programs, Symphony Space

If you’re creating music for kids, if you’re reviewing music for kids, if you’re producing or promoting or otherwise connected to music for kids, Kindiefest has truly become the can’t-miss weekend of the year. And if you’re a NYC-area parent, the Sunday concert may be the coolest thing you’ll ever do with your kids.

- Liz Gumbinner, Cool Mom Picks, Editor-In-Chief

‎KindieFest is the best way I can think of to meet the people behind the music, make new friends, get inspired, hear where family music is at today, and discover how to become a part of where it’s going tomorrow. And don’t let the name of this gathering fool you, it’s also a great party!

- Dan Zanes

I look forward to KindieFest every year. We’ve discovered some of our core artists through the showcases, we’ve learned [and laughed] a ton during the honest and insightful panel discussions that focus on issues unique to the world of family music, and we’ve met some amazing people who have become colleagues that I can’t even imagine not working with on a regular basis. Did I mention that it’s also like going to a Class Reunion Summer Camp with all of the people you wish you had gone to high school with? The whole atmosphere is so welcoming, casual, and fun, that I recommend it to anyone even thinking about getting involved in this nutty business.

- Mindy Thomas, Program Director, SIRIUS/XM’s Kids Place Live

KindieFest was a great experience for us. Kindie bands working together and playing together was inspiring. All for the benefit of our future rockstars!

- Brian Vander Ark, The Verve Pipe

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  1. Reading about kindiefest and watching news coverage on it (I’ve found a CBS 2 snippet) I so desperately wish I’d been there last weekend. I’m writing a blog – kindie-rocks.com – on kid’s music and books, but living in far off Munich, Germany I hardly ever have an opportunity to see any kindie acts live. It’s so great to hear that your festival was a big success, I still hope it will expand to other regions of the world some day!

  2. Kimberly says:

    It really is a great event! We loved going to Kindiefest! Networking, learning, laughing and seeing all the kids and families having such a good time together were big highlights! =)

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