KindieFest 2011: Some Links & Feedback Wanted (updated)

Man, we had a great time and love you all.  A few things:

  • We’d really appreciate your feedback.  We’ve got a group set up on our Ning site, or you can post on our Facebook page, or just send us an e-mail at info AT kindiefest DOT com (that will go to all four of us).
  • Speaking of the Facebook page, that’s where we’re posting a lot of links to videos, etc., for now.  We’ll embed the ever-growing video playlist at the end of this post, too.
  • We’ll also link there to blog posts about the event, but for now, you can visit Zooglobble’s and producer Bill Childs’s.
  • Oh, and here’s another one from Zooglobble.
  • And a great overview from Jeff Bogle of Out With The Kids.
  • You free April 27-29, 2012?  (Dates aren’t quite rock solid yet, but pretty close.)

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